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Morley W. I. Community Treasure Trail - Answers

1. Who is on the top of the buttercross/bartercross?

Madonna and child, Mary and Jesus.

2. Sit and rest a while here by courtesy of whom?

Morley W.I.

3. What can you tell us about John Allsop?

He was a Gunner, in the Royal Field Artillery and gave his life in the 1914-18 War

4. What species is it?

Sweet Chestnut

5. Take a guess at its age?

A tree surgeon said 600 years, the Church's Architect said 1000 years (so any answer between 600 and a thousand counted as correct. )

6. What anatomical feature adorns a nearby colourful crest?

A Hand - on the top of the crest over the door to the Mausoleum

7. What is GB0623?

Grit bin

8. Where is PAM?

Initials PAM are stamped on a cast iron water hydrant in the pavement.

9. What trade is mentioned on a sign?

Blacksmith (Morley Smithy)

10. Can you identify any connection to Ken Dodd the comedian?

Didididididi (diddymen) lettering on the cast iron man hole cover set into the pavement

11. What bus numbers go to Derby?


12. 'Hedwig', an owl ornament perching on a hedge surrounding a wishing well in the school garden .

13. What is a member of what?

'Morley Primary School is a member of The National Outstanding Primary Schools Teacher Training Consortium'.

14. What is/was the purpose of the brick tower in the distance to your left?

Former water tower.

15. What perches on top of St. Matthew's Church spire?

Cockerel, weather vane

16. Who's 'Way' is this?

Derby Nomad Way

17. What is in operation?

Fly tipping (Sign says 'Warning Fly Tipping operation in progress CCTV in use'.)

18. What frames the hermaphrodite amphibian ?

A red triangle (A triangular sign edged in red appears on top of a pole with the image of a frog/toad.)

19 . How many 'Way Markers' are there on the wooden pole opposite the signpost?


20. How many years before the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd's Coronation, was the signpost erected?

Twenty-one years

Signpost dated DCC 1932, Coronation 1953, so it had been there 21 years

21. What variety is the tree, on the left of the short path between the top of the stone steps and the single track road to the Retreat?


22. What variety of tree stands just before the Sure Screen information board?

Monkey puzzle tree

23. What variety of tree stands just after the SureScreen information board?


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