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Chaper 9

The deeds for the release of land for the first Chapel on Morley Moor are dated 1845 and the Chapel Registration Certificate, 1854. The building of the Chapel was carried out by Mr. Herbert Hollingworth but it was converted into a dwelling house and deeds transferred to James Ault and Miss Emily Ault in September 1892.

The deeds of the present Chapel were held by a Mr. John Wright and a Certificate of Registration for the new Chapel issued in 1861. The building is of stone and measures approximately 33 feet by 23 feet and a small kitchen and lavatory were added in the 1950s. With the installation of electricity in 1954, modern fan heaters replaced the old iron stove which for many years had warmed the place. It used to stand on the left hand side as one entered the building between the congregation and the pulpit. The Chapel was connected up with the main drainage system in 1965.

Anniversary Sunday was celebrated for many years on Easter Day and was followed on the Monday by a tea in the Chapel with a short service, but this practice ceased four years ago. However when the Chapel had a thriving Sunday School the children sang and recited poetry and Methodists for miles around supported these Anniversaries.

Each year on Monday evening following the Harvest Festival Sunday, the fruits and vegetables are sold by auction, the sale taking place in the Chapel and the proceeds going towards the upkeep.

The Elderly People's Association hold their monthly meetings and various other activities in the Chapel and services are now only held fortnightly on Sunday evenings.